Park upgrades

Minor play equipment replacement and safety upgrades will take place at the following parks to improve resident's overall experience at each facility:

  • Cape Hillsborough Camping Ground, Risley Pde
  • Neil Baker Park, Poulsen Drive, Marian
  • Jim Adams Park, Prince Charles Ave, Seaforth
  • Broomdykes Drive Park, Beaconsfield
  • Leap View Park, Westlake Drive, The Leap
  • Griffin Street Park, Mackay
  • Tom McLean Park, Kippen Street, South Mackay
  • Diane Street Park, Mt. Pleasant
  • Eimeo Esplanade Reserve, Eimeo
  • Quota Park, Binnington Esp. - Playground No. 1, East Mackay
  • Alastia Park, Kelly’s Road, Walkerston
  • North View Park, Glenella
  • Jaycee Park, Fernleigh Avenue, Andergrove
  • Apex Park, Sarina