City South Carpark lease agreement comes to an end

Council will end its leasing arrangement of City South Carpark on Sydney Street, opposite Sydney Street Markets, from Friday, October 6.

This will be the last day motorists can park in this carpark.

After that, responsibility for the site will be transferred back to the owner.

Community Engagement committee chair Cr Fran Mann said the decision to end the leasing arrangement would save council about $145,000 a year.

“City South Carpark costs $175,000 per year to lease,” she said

“The average occupancy rate of this carpark is only 30 per cent, which is equivalent to about $30,000 per year in paid parking fees.

“The cost of keeping this facility open to the public when it is often under-utilised is not in the best interests of the community as a whole.

“That is especially so when there are two other paid carparks available within short walking distance, including the Cinema Carpark and Mid-City Carpark.”

Cinema Carpark is located on the corner of Gordon and Wood streets and Mid-City Carpark is located on the corner of Gordon and Gregory streets.

As part of its plan to improve car parking arrangements, council will also be installing a coin/credit card operated paid parking machine in each of those two carparks by October 9.

These machines will work in coordination with the current PayStay system, giving motorists the flexible option of using the app on their mobile phone to pay for parking or using coins or a credit card at the parking machines.

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Published: 11 Sep 2017