Eton water to be improved

Eton residents will soon see improvements to their water supply.

Council today awarded a tender to upgrade the Eton water supply to CRS Water Pty Ltd.

The $874,000 tender includes the design, supply and installation of a new water treatment system and infrastructure into the existing Eton water supply.

The works are expected to be completed by December this year, weather permitting.

Engineering and Commercial Infrastructure director Jason Devitt said the upgrades would significantly reduce the hardness levels.

“The Eton community’s primary concern is the hardness of the water supply,” he said.

“The new treatment system will see the raw water treated with the use of an ion exchange softening process

“A new production bore will access water from a shallower aquifer containing lower uranium and selenium levels.”

Mr Devitt said the reason the project was costing more than the $650,000 budget was due to additional works, including flood height requirements.

“We made a commitment to the Eton community in 2016 to improve the Eton water supply and we are making sure this happens,” he said.