Register now and save!

Residents are being encouraged to register their pets early to save on pet registration.

Community and Client Services director Bridget Mather said pet owners should have received a reminder in the mail.

“The discount period runs until July 31, so there is still plenty of time left to register,” she said.

“Pet owners can save anywhere from 30 to 50 per cent by registering their pets early.

“Better yet, they will have the security in knowing that if their pet is brought into the Animal Management Centre our officers will be able to get in contact with them.”

By registering your pet by July 31, residents are entitled to the following savings:


  • Desexed dog - $37 (normally $56)
  • Non-desexed dog - $86 (normally $121)
  • Pensioner desexed dog - $19 (normally $33)
  • Pensioner non-desexed dog - $40 (normally $78)


  • Non-desexed cat - $27 (normally $47)
  • Desexed cat - $12 (normally $20)

Pet owners can also save 20 per cent on desexing their pet at participating vets by booking in before August 31 as part of RSPCA’s Operation Wanted.

Desexing reduces the desire to roam and aggressive behaviour in animals.

It can also reduce the risk of some cancers and eliminates unwanted litters that place burden on council’s Animal Management Centre and RSPCA centres.

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Pet Registration Day

Saturday, July 28
9am to 12 noon
Council's front lawn, Gordon Street, Mackay

Come along and take advantage of discount pet registration and microchipping, the RSPCA EMU Van, pet stalls, giveaways and a best dressed pet competition at 10am, plus more. This event will take place from 9am to noon on council's front lawn, Gordon Street, Mackay.