Visit Cyclone Saturday to make sure you’re storm ready

Council has updated its Emergency Action Guide just in time for Cyclone Saturday and the storm season.

Copies of the new 72-page guide will be available at Cyclone Saturday at Caneland Central this weekend.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the updated guide had all the information residents needed to ensure they were ready for cyclone season and to also deal with other natural disasters.

“The revamped guide has made some changes to our coastal storm surge evacuation maps,’’ Cr Williamson said.

“We’ve also included Pioneer River riverine flooding evacuation maps in the guide for the first time,’’ he said.

“Handy checklists are also easy to find at the rear of the guide.”

Cr Williamson said as well as the revamped Emergency Action Guide, council also had a new Emergency Dashboard on its website at

“We’re ready for cyclone season and we want to make sure residents are also,’’ he said.

“Now is the time to start preparing for storm season, not when a cyclone is threatening the coast.”

Cr Williamson said Cyclone Saturday offered a perfect opportunity for residents to pop in and ensure they had all of the information they needed.

“Residents can combine a bit of shopping at Caneland Central with ensuring they’re ready for cyclone season,” he said.

“They can drop in and talk to the experts. We’ll have representatives from a range of different agencies in the one spot at the same time.

“Anyone who attends can also enter a draw to win a generator.”

Cyclone Saturday will be held from 8am to 1pm this Saturday (November 10) near Target in Caneland Central. Radio station Star FM 101.9 will be broadcasting onsite.