Council CEO lays down gender equality challenge

Council would like to wish the amazing women of our region an empowering International Women's Day!

Council, as the largest employer in our region, is passionate about this year’s theme of #PressforProgress and advancing gender parity in the workplace, especially in leadership roles.

CEO Craig Doyle said women, at 31 percent, were under-represented in council’s leadership roles.

“Women constitute 50.2% of the Australian population and 46.2% of the Australian workforce,” Mr Doyle said. “It is not unreasonable then to expect that they would occupy about 50% of the leadership roles in a workforce.”

“We can do better!  We have an obligation to improve the number of women who aspire and seek leadership roles and to ensure that they have the capability to be successful should they choose that career path.

“This will take time and that process starts today!”

Mr Doyle challenged other large employers in our region to also shape up and look at the make-up of their leadership teams.  

“Gender parity isn’t something that changes overnight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps towards it today,” he said.

Council has launched two Women in Leadership workshops a year for council staff to supplement the leadership and mentoring programs, coaching, and specific leadership tools available to all leaders in council.