Council policies

Below is a list of policies approved during the current term of council. A search can also be used to locate relevant policies.

Contact council with any queries regarding former policies.

Council policies

Cemeteries (067) (PDF 79.1 KB)

Dealing with Media (029) (PDF 163.0 KB)

Debt Policy (007) (PDF 271.6 KB)

Grants Policy (031) (PDF 111.9 KB)

Indigenous Policy (066) (PDF 122.4 KB)

Investment Policy (034) (PDF 300.3 KB)

Model Meeting Procedures (PDF 106.3 KB)

Procurement Policy (005) (PDF 372.3 KB)

Rates Relief Policy (016) (PDF 345.1 KB)

Revenue Policy (008) (PDF 191.0 KB)

Trade Waste Policy (056) (PDF 41.1 KB)


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