City Safe Mackay

City Safe Mackay is a taskforce setup in collaboration between Mackay Regional Council and local authorities to create a safe environment for any person who uses the Mackay CBD so that families and visitors can enjoy what the City Heart has to offer.

Members include:

  • Councillors and council staff
  • Mackay Police
  • Department of Communities
  • Queensland Government representatives
  • Transport operators
  • Liquor licensing
  • Licenced premises operators (nightclubs)


The committee has introduced a range of City Safe initiatives including:

  • Increased police patrols
  • Revitalisation of City Heart with
  • Working with licensees
  • Flat fare taxi share ride within designated zones (PDF 716 kb)
  • Taxi rank safety rail
  • ID scanners in the process of installation
  • Booze-o-meter (Excel 69 kb)