Road Safety

Road Safety impacts all members of the community. A large majority of the community travel by road to work, school, home, visiting friends and family using cars, buses, bikes. The effects of road trauma are not limited to physical injuries, but can include emotional and economic effects. Volunteers of the RAAG group are passionate and committed to decreasing the numbers of crash statistics and question why would and individual drive fatigued, why do people speed and drive dangerously? Members of RAAG view education, awareness raising and advocacy for Road Safety a social responsibility and through their projects are making an impact in decreasing the number of Road incidents occurring.


Since the Mackay Road Accident Action Group (RAAG) was established in April 2002 it has developed strategies in collaboration with stakeholders to reduce the high rate of crashes occurring in the region. As further areas of concern are identified, the Group's responses have evolved, depending on the capacity of Group participants.

Overall, the RAAG has attempted to ensure a coordinated approach to reducing the incidence and severity of road crashes on the Bruce Highway between Proserpine and St Lawrence, the Peak Downs Highway and associated western arterial roads. It does so by targeting identified crash causal factors through driver education programs and initiatives.


The RAAG undertakes a variety of roles relating to the promotion of road safety including:

  • Advocacy for safer driving behaviour
  • Facilitating the progression of driver awareness initiatives
  • Providing expert advice to stakeholder groups
  • Monitoring trends in road crash causal factors
  • Evaluating the effect of initiatives and actions taken

The Group has a Strategic Plan, which was last endorsed in 2009 and is valid until 2010, which identifies that whilst all drivers need to drive with due care and attention, the following groups are most at risk:

  • Young drivers
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Drug and alcohol affected drivers
  • Drivers who display inappropriate driving behaviours

The RAAG has developed a range of responses to each of these issues, including strategies such as:

  • Developing campaigns using the services of television, radio and print media aimed at specified target groups
  • Conducting targeted advertising and promotion to raise awareness among at specified target groups
  • Provision of information packs and flyers for drivers
  • Promoting driver education programs in schools through school based policing programs, external agencies and private organisations


Chairman: Noel Lang Ph: 0409 588 454

Road Safety Coordinator, Secretary: Graeme Ransley 0428 522 557


Postal: C/- PO Box 1850, Mackay QLD 4740