Economic Development Strategy

Diversified, Sustainable,Vibrant

The Mackay region Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020 has identified four strategic directions, each of which is supported by a series of activities.
All key regional business, development and regional stakeholder organisations will need to support and assist in the delivery of the Economic Development Framework.

Based on a review of a number of regional strategic visioning documents and extensive stakeholder engagement, the following vision is provided to guide the Economic Development Strategy for the Mackay region.

A more diversified, vibrant and sustainable economy with a connected and engaged local business base and focused regional leadership.

The vision for the Mackay economy is to increase the diversity and capacity of the local economy, business and industry so we are able to capture the benefits of upcycles and manage the normal market corrections as part of everyday business activities.

Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020 Community Summary

Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020