City Centre Facade Improvement Scheme

What is the City Centre Facade Improvement Scheme?

The City Centre Facade Improvement Scheme supports the revitalisation of building facades in the Mackay City Centre in partnership with private property owners and business owners.

What are the benefits of the Facade Improvement Scheme?

  • Increase in property value & tenancy;
  • A more attractive and welcoming City Centre;
  • Increase in foot traffic
  • Increase in civic pride
  • Increase in comfort and public safety
  • Promote and encourage activation of facades

How does the funding work?

The cost of works undertaken by the applicant will be supported by a Council contribution to a maximum amount as determined below:

  • Works under $1999.99 (excluding GST) - maximum rebate of 50% of the project spend (excluding GST) per applicant.
  • For works up to $10,000 – maximum rebate of $2,000 (excluding GST) per applicant.
  • $10,001 and for works over – maximum rebate of $3,000 (excluding GST) per applicant.

The applicant may wish to, of their own accord, contribute additional funds beyond the matched contribution. Applicants must complete all proposed scope of works within four months of signing a letter of agreement with Council.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

Expressions of Interests are currently being accepted for properties located within the city boundaries, from Caneland Central to the River Street boat ramp; and between Alfred and River Streets (see map below). Buildings which have received funding from previous Facade Improvement rounds, are not eligible for further funding.


What are the requirements of the Scheme?

  • Applications for and approval of funds under The Scheme must be made prior to the project commencing. Council will not grant funds retrospectively (although approved funds may be paid at the completion of a project);
  • Improvements must be to the facade of the building and be visible from the street;
  • Applicants must be or have the building owner's consent;
  • The applicant must provide their matched contribution in cash;
  • The applicant must show how the project will benefit city's presentation;
  • Applicants must file an improvement plan detailing the planned improvements;
  • Applicants must submit before photos of the proposed building with completed application;
  • Applicants must submit two formal quotes from licensed contractors;
  • Local Heritage Listed Buildings may require planning approval through Council; and
  • All work being carried out must have the required permits and approvals through Council and State Government (where required).
  • All approved applicants must submit an outcome report along with proof of payment to contractors, four after images of the building and tax invoice to ensure their rebate is processed.

When is the deadline for the funding due?

Expressions of Interests are currently being accepted. There is no deadline for the lodgement of an Expression of Interest. Applications will be reviewed by council within two weeks and applicants will be contacted in writing.

Facade Improvement Scheme Application Kit

For more information on the Facade Improvement Scheme:

Contact Shahli Wright on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) or email in to