Mackay waterfront redevelopment opportunities

Mackay is fortunate to have both riverfront and beachfront in close proximity to the City Centre, which is unique when compared to other coastal city locations in Queensland. The Pioneer River and Town Beach waterfront areas present a significant opportunity for Mackay Regional Council to explore the potential redevelopment and revitalisation of these areas to:

  • reconnect Mackay and its visitors to the waterfront;
  • increase the city's tourism and inner-city living appeal, cultural and recreational options, and liveability qualities;
  • create green lungs for the City Centre through the activation of adjacent non-sensitive high value open space areas; and
  • facilitate development that supports the vision.

The region is committed to diversifying and transitioning its economy. Potential waterfront redevelopment opportunities are seen as an essential tool in our quest to build confidence, create a positive outlook and facilitate development. The potential benefits of these opportunities will extend far beyond the waterfront areas, not only in the greater City Centre area but across the Mackay region.

Catalytic redevelopment opportunities within the public realm have the potential to transform the Pioneer River and Town Beach waterfronts into a vibrant, attractive, walkable and memorable place for people. These opportunities have the potential to complement Mackay's key cultural, community and recreational facilities, making the city more attractive to visitors and increasing the appeal of inner city living.

Redevelopment and revitalisation opportunities are now being explored, beginning with a number of background studies within the waterfront study area (see Figure 1). These studies will assist in identifying the suitability of areas for potential redevelopment before any formal masterplanning is undertaken.

Council is working closely with Economic Development Queensland in understanding the characteristics and constraints of the area, and in exploring the economic development opportunities within the study area.

Council will engage with the community on the potential waterfront redevelopment opportunities in 2017, with associated information that will be made available here.

If you want to find out more about the waterfront redevelopment opportunities or simply want to register your interest to receive future updates, please contact council at