Planning and Development Enquiries

Planning Advice

The Planning Advice team is available to answer general questions about development proposals, including;

  • Is a development application required?
  • What information is required as part of a development application?
  • What are the possible development application fees?
  • How will the development assessment process work?
  • What provisions apply to the dwelling houses and residential storage sheds?
  • What is the minimum lot size for a subdivision?

Council's Planning Advice team provides information on planning related matters online at the Development Services counter and over the telephone.


General planning enquiries can be lodged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on council's website via the Planning advice online enquiries form.

Enquiries will be responded to, in writing, within 10 business days, even if contact type on the form is selected to be ‘phone’.

Please note: To enable full functionality of the online enquiry form (including the attachment function), you must ensure your internet browser is at the most current version before clicking the above hyperlink.

Development Services counter

The Planning Advice team is available between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday at the Sir Albert Abbott Administration Building, 73 Gordon Street, Mackay, Mackay Regional Council.

An appointment can be made to speak with a Planning Advice Officer in relation to general planning matters. Appointments are limited to 15 minutes and must be made 24 hours in advance by calling 1300 622 529.

Clients with appointments will be served before those without.


Phone enquiries can be lodged by calling 1300 622 529. The Planning Advice team will return the call within two business days.

Please note: Council is unable to predetermine the outcome of a development application. Development applications are assessed on their individual merits against relevant planning legislation. A detailed assessment of individual proposals is not available.

The views expressed are an officer's opinion based on the information provided and relevant current policy and legislation. Lodgement of a development application in the future may raise other issues not considered and therefore the advice given does not bind council in any way when considering a future development application.

Client feedback

Council's commitment to providing general planning information to clients is an integral part of our service to the community. Your feedback is important to help us continue to improve this service. Please take a moment to complete the Planning Advice client feedback survey.