City Centre Public Realm Concept Plan

The City Centre Public Realm Concept is a strategic document offering a conceptual design framework for public areas within the City Centre and assimilates with the urban design principles and key strategies canvassed in the Mackay City Centre Strategy and Urban Design Principles document. The Public Realm Concept suggests a number of ‘ready-to-go’ catalyst projects as the initial building blocks to achieving the City Centre vision. These projects combine to ensure that Mackay moves towards an active, liveable, accessible, culturally vibrant and attractive City Centre.

A key role for this project is to attract funding for public realm improvements.

Improving the public places and streetscapes within the Mackay City Centre offers our community the benefits of a modern city centre, while ensuring the physical environment keeps pace with business activity and community needs and aspirations.

The draft concept plan is about giving back to the community a public realm that fits a thriving city centre.

For more information on the Public Realm Concept please visit the Mackay City Centre website