City Centre Strategy and Urban Design Principles


The Mackay City Centre Strategy and Urban Design Principles is the supporting document that underpins the strategies and provisions within the Mackay City Centre Local Plan, contained within the Draft Mackay Region Planning Scheme. The Strategy document outlines a number of key planning strategies for the development and progression of the Mackay City Centre over the next 20 years. These strategies are considered to be fundamental planning tools for the development of a vibrant, prosperous and liveable modern regional city centre in Australia.

The Strategy document charts a course for the future of the Mackay City Centre as the social, cultural and economic heart of the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday Region: a living and thriving centre of activity and commerce. It will do this by further developing the ideas and outcomes produced at the Enquiry by Design (EbD) workshop held for the City Centre in March 2011. The document demonstrates outcomes graphically whilst also articulating principles, strategies and purpose for various built and spatial elements of the city.