Mackay City Centre Local Area Planning Project History

Council commenced the Mackay City Centre Local Area Plan study in September 2010. The diagram below depicts the phases of the Mackay City Centre Local Area Plan project.


The project team commenced with an appreciation of key issues and opportunities in the City Centre. From this exercise a Background Report was produced, which is available on this webpage. The background information within the report provided a basis for thought and discussions during the lead up to the Enquiry by Design (EbD) planning workshop, which ultimately informed this workshop. The Background Report reflects on where the city has come from, its influences (physical, environmental, economic and social), and how the city should be shaped into the future. The report details:

  • the history of both revitalisation efforts and settlement pattern;
  • reviews recent reports and investigations;
  • highlights key issues and ideas;
  • provides a city analysis that considers a broad range of issues and themes in terms of scale, heritage and character, access and circulation, views and gateways, infrastructure, and city structure;
  • identifies public realm enhancements; and
  • considers some models for city form.

Public consultation was undertaken on Background Report, which included a Public Exhibition at the Old Town Hall in Sydney Street and the City Centre Sunday Markets. Several submissions were received during the community consultation period, particularly at the 3 day public exhibition. These comments informed the planning workshop.

The workshop was held in March 2011, which involved a collaborative group of key government and community stakeholders to positively contribute and discuss the future planning needs, issues and options for the Mackay City Centre. Public sessions were held at the end of each day to allow community members to keep track of the workshop’s progress and provide comment.

The findings and outcomes of the workshop were summarised and added as a chapter to the Background Report. The document is split into two parts. Part A – Background Report contains the background information, while Part B – EbD Outcomes Report documents the outcomes from the EbD and provides a summary of the ideas and concepts that were explored in the workshop.