Draft Residential Densities Strategy

The draft Residential Densities Strategy seeks to encourage the delivery of well designed higher density residential development in appropriate locations and, consequently, increase the overall average density of residential development in urban areas.

The draft strategy aims to achieve this by:

  • Presenting relevant contextual information in order to identify issues and opportunities for providing higher density residential development;
  • Articulating the benefits of higher density residential development in the region’s urban areas;
  • Defining criteria for appropriately locating higher density residential development;
  • Defining design principles for higher density residential development;
  • Identifying key precincts and corridors considered suitable for higher density residential development; and
  • Identifying initiatives to encourage higher density residential development.

The draft strategy applies to the five (5) urban areas of the region, namely, Mackay, Sarina, Walkerston, Marian and Mirani.

Council, with the assistance of AECOM, formulated the draft strategy throughout 2010. Representatives of the development industry, the building industry and the real estate industry were consulted in the early stages of the project.

The Draft Strategy and newsletter is available to view in any of Council's Customer Service Centres.

In the meantime you can discuss the draft strategy with one of Council’s Strategic Planning Officers, by:

Public Consultation

Public consultation on the Draft Strategy was held between the 8 February 2011 and 29 April 2011.  Council received a number of submissions during this period and is currently considering issues raised.  A report summarising the issues raised is available here.

Council's preliminary response to issues raised in submissions was discussed at the Settlement pattern, Infrastructure and Transport working group meeting on the 29th August 2011 and at a meeting with submitters on the 12th September 2011.

The slides presented at theses meetings is available here.

External Studies

There are a number of extrinsic reports on density and healthy communities.  The following are external links to some of these reports.

Heart Foundation Report – Creating Healthy Neigbourhoods

The report Creating Healthy Neighbourhoods Consumer preferences for healthy development was published by the Heart Foundation.

Heart Foundation Report – Increasing density in Australia – Evidence review, 2012

The report Increasing density in Australia: maximising the health benefits and minimising harm is a literature review into the
impact of density on health by the University of Western Australia’s Centre for the Built Environment and Health on behalf of the National Heart Foundation of Australia. 

High Density Liveability Guide

This “High-Density Liveability Guide” provides Residents, Building Managers, Council Authorities, Designers and Developers with a practical guide to assess the liveability of a dwelling, building and surrounding community.  This “High-Density Liveability Guide” was developed based on findings from an Australian Research Council funded research project undertaken by Queensland University of Technology (QUT)  in partnership with Northshore Development Group, investigating the social, environmental and economic impacts of high-density iving.

"What If All Our Streets Were Complete? A Health Perspective"

This is an American Publication on the city of Sacramento and how the design of streets and communities can affect people’s heath.

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