Pioneer River and Goosepond Creek Flood Studies

The Goosepond Creek Flood Study commenced in May 2007 and included the Janes Creek, Goosepond Creek and Vines Creek waterways with a combined catchment of 35km2.   The Goosepond Creek catchment experienced an extreme flood event on 15 February 2008 and the study was expanded to assess the impact of this extreme flooding event.  A draft Goosepond Creek Flood Study report was produced in September 2009.

The Goosepond/Vines Creek Flood Study, 2012 updates the data and flood modelling methodology and found that the Goosepond Creek flood (Feb 2008) was a 1-in-500 year event.

The Goosepond/Vines Creek Flood Study, 2012 provides clarity on the potential impact of climate change (sea level rise, increased rainfall intensity), and the effect of mitigating actions on flood levels in this catchment.

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Summary report

Goosepond Creek (Including Pioneer River Flood Study)

The Goosepond Creek (including Pioneer River) Flood Study (WRM, October 2012) assessed the interaction of flood flows between Goosepond Creek and the Pioneer River.  This study should be viewed as an addendum report to the Pioneer River Flood Study, 2011 and the Gooseponds/Vines Creek Flood Study, 2012 and be read in conjunction with them.

The Goosepond Creek (including Pioneer River) Flood Study (2012) reviewed findings from the earlier separate Goosepond River and Gooseponds/Vines Creek studies.  The study used recently updated Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology the measure ground levels and determine flood flows.  The flood level modelling considered the impact of stormtide events, historical river flood events, the impact of climate change to the year 2100 in estimating flood levels for events between 5 and 500 years.

The flood levels in the combined Goosepond Creek (including Pioneer River) Flood Study, 2012 now override the flood levels of the previous individual reports.
These assist in informing planning controls and consideration of flood risk within the Pioneer and Gooseponds catchments.

Pioneer River Flood Study

The Pioneer River is a major natural feature with a catchment of 1.560 km2 which impacts on planning and development along its waterways.

Since the 1970s, numerous hydrologic and hydraulic studies have been undertaken to assess flood behaviour along the river.

In 2008, Council commissioned the Pioneer River Flood Study to determine flood risk from Mirani to its discharge into the South Pacific Ocean at Mackay City.

The Pioneer River Flood Study, 2011 includes an assessment of the impact of climate change, and provides detail on flood events for a range design flood events between 5 and 500 years.  The study provides more accurate estimates of flood events and risk that the previous Pioneer River Flood Study, 2004 by Chaseling McGiffin Pty Ltd.

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