McCreadys Creek Flood Studies

McCreadys Creek drains a large part of Mackay’s northern urban areas - Eimeo and Blacks Beach in the north, through Rural View, Richmond and Beaconsfield, and down to Glenella and Mount Pleasant in the south.  The catchment is approximately 3,100 hectares and a large proportion of the catchment is also undeveloped and agricultural land.  The lower reaches of the catchment are frequently inundated by high tides and are predominantly wetlands. McCready’s Creek drains into the South Pacific Ocean at Slade Point.

There are a number of sub-catchments within the McCreadys Creek catchment that are the subject of current flood studies, including McCreadys Creek South.

McCreadys Creek South (ongoing)

The McCreadys Creek South catchment covers the area from Glenella and Mt Pleasant in the south, through to the south of Beaconsfield and Richmond in the north.  The study area is approximately 1,040 hectares, and forms the upper part (non-tidal sections) of the catchment.

The McCreadys Creek South Stormwater Trunk Infrastructure Study commenced in 2010.  The objective of the study is to identify future trunk infrastructure required to cater for existing and potential future development in the catchment, focussing on the Richmond Development Area.  The report is still a work in progress, however the existing hydraulic assessment is complete and provides the community with knowledge of the existing flood extents, levels and risks.  The remainder of the report, including investigating trunk drainage infrastructure, is not yet finalised or adopted.

An extract of the report, including only the Existing Scenario Hydraulic Assessment, was adopted by council on February 3, 2016.

McCreadys Creek