Sarina Drainage Study (2018)

The Sarina Township catchment is approximately 13,000ha bounded by Plane Creek to the south, Bells Creek to the north and east and topographic ridges within agricultural lands to the north and west.  The broader catchment extends north and south to the peak of Bells and Plane Creeks. Bells Creek catchment extends approximately 9 km north of the Sarina Township which comprises of gentle sloping land with hills on the edge of the catchment. Planes Creek catchment, significantly larger than Bells Creek extends approximately 14 km south-west of the Sarina Township which comprises of hilly areas with peak elevations exceeding 560m AHD. Plane creek passes through the southern area of Sarina south of Range Road. Both areas consist of open spaces consisting of farmland for crops or cattle.

Sarina Drainage Study (Adopted)

The Sarina Drainage Study commenced in 2018.  The final report was produced in September 2018. The reports focuses on modelling the existing flood impacts in the catchment for numerous events in order to better understand the flood risk posed to the community and allow it to be effectively managed in the future.  The study identifies a number of options for mitigating potential drainage issues which will considered in accordance with the Mackay Flood and Stormwater Management Strategy.

The final report was adopted by council on 14 November 2018