To help Inspire their Tribe and get active this May we’ve recruited ten superheroes (aka Try the 5 ambassadors).

Feel free to ask them advice on getting fit and shaping up when you see them at our Try the 5 events in May!

If you’re a leader, manager or community spokesperson you can also help make our community healthier. Go to the Inspire your Tribe website to take the pledge and inspire your workplace, school, industry and community to get moving.


Bike Week Ambassador - Sharon Mills

Sharon is a brand ambassador for Mackay Cycles and a keen supporter of women in sport in the Mackay region. Founder of Dirt Diva's, Sharon is passionate about encouraging women to have a go, especially in mountain bike riding which is often considered a male dominated sport. She created Dirt Divas to provide a safe and fun space for females within the world of mountain biking and it offers a social and fun environment to learn and hone mountain biking skills.


Bike Week Ambassador - Sergeant Nigel Dalton

Sergeant Nigel Dalton has nearly 35 years policing experience in three jurisdictions. He is passionate about keeping the Mackay community safe and preventing crime happening in our region. Sergeant Dalton has attended many road crashes which ended in fatalities or where people’s lives have been changed forever. He wants every year 12 school leaver to have the best knowledge available to stay safe on our roads and not become the next statistic. Through Nigel’s role in Queensland Police Service he helped create a program called “Safety Circus” which targets school students in grade three with bicycle road safety messages, leading to much safer roads for our young cyclists.


Adrenaline Sports Ambassador - Nikki Giles

Nikki Giles of Tri-ActiV8, is a Mackay local who moved to Western Australia in 2009. A year later, she completed her first triathlon and a passion for fitness and endurance racing was born. When she moved back east in 2011, she began supporting the biannual Women’s Only Tri in Mackay and from that, Tri-ActiV8 evolved to ensure more women competed in events all-year-round. Nikki still competes in all forms of endurance racing.


Adrenaline Sports Ambassador - Brendan Ross

Brendan has been involved in scouting since he was a 10-year-old youth member, when he quickly discovered he enjoyed the outdoors and all the opportunities scouting had to offer. During his journey to a scout leadership role, Brendan has been fortunate to be trained and further develop his skills in the abseiling field, as well as water activities such as canoeing and kayaking. He is passionate about encouraging people, young and old, to explore the adventurous activities offered by scouting like he was able to do. These skills have also given him the opportunity to abseil at many locations around Australia and help a wide variety of people to abseil, including our current Mackay Regional Council mayor and members of Parliament.


Water Sports Ambassador - Trissi Pearce

Trissi is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, sport and exercise scientist, pilates practitioner, stand-up paddle boarding instructor and boxing for fitness/health coach. She has used these skills and extensive experience over 25 years to develop a number of trainers who now assist in training other clients. With one of the most unique fitness programs in our region, she looks forward to introducing the Mackay region to an alternative way to stretch, breathe and strengthen their mind, body and soul.


Water Sports Ambassador - Chrissy Den Elzen

Chrissy Den Elzen is owner and head instructor of Pro Paddle Mackay. As a competitive stand-up paddle boarder and outrigger paddler, she enjoys nothing more than teaching other people how to paddle. Having competed for many years both locally and overseas, she uses her experience to help people achieve their stand-up paddle and fitness goals. One of Chrissy’s greatest satisfactions is seeing people accomplish something they didn’t think they were able to do.


Personal Fitness/Gym Ambassador - Kay Nyenuh

Kay Nyenuh founder and owner of Muscle Garden Health and Fitness Centre, is best known for the slogan: How bad do you want it? He experienced a childhood of helplessness— a refugee as a result of war — and developed a genuine passion for helping people. He started Muscle Garden six years ago as a personal  training business, working with clients in parks around Mackay. Today, it is a fully equipped state-of-the-art fitness facility.


Personal Fitness/Gym Ambassador - Sam Cole

Sam is a co-owner of Prime Fitness and Health with Lauren Matthews and their goal is to make fitness fun by including a lot of live music during their workouts. She is passionate about helping people to get their mindset right and often runs events with discussions about mindset followed by an aerobic workout. Sam is also the lead singer of local band Stylus Crew and often sings during aerobic workouts to add some fun and greater intensity to the session.


Walking/Running Ambassador - Martin Lambert

After starting running in his 40s, Martin Lambert, of On the Run, discovered that with dedication and hard work his results surpassed his expectations. He has now completed dozens of marathons and ultra-marathons and is an accredited running coach with Athletics Australia. Marty gets great satisfaction from helping others to help themselves. He has worked with new runners, as well as experienced athletes, to assist them with their goals.


Walking/Running Ambassador - Pamela Tindale

Pamela is the founder of Women Who Walk and Men Too, a local walking group created in January 2018. She created the walking group when she was manager at a Kathmandu Store after returning from a four-day walk in Tasmania and her son and customers asked about joining a local walking group. She decided to step back as manager at the time to create a walking group that was positive, very inclusive and democratic. They now have 450 members with nine walks happening each week. It’s popular because it’s free and there’s no registration required. They have regular walks at Sarina, Koumala, The Leap, Cape Hillsborough, Sarina and more. Women Who Walk and Men Too is also supported by three hard-working administrators, Paulene Barham, Sue Willett and Mary Brown.