Library and Information Week

May 22 - 28, 2017

We invite you to help us celebrate! Library and Information Week is the one week of the year where the spotlight is on libraries.  It’s our opportunity to showcase our resources, facilities, events and services to you, the Mackay Region.  There is something for everyone at your local library.  Check out our calendar of events to find out more.

Tech Talk May 22 Dudley Denny City Library 10am - 11am No
Need assistance using your device? Come along to a Tech Talk for a one-on-one opportunity and have your everyday technology questions answered. Bring your device too. Open to all ages.
Introduction to Smartphones May 23 Dudley Denny City Library 1pm - 3pm Yes
In this workshop, you will learn the basics of how to navigate your way around a smartphone including how to turn the phone on and off, make and receive calls, add a contact, look up a contact, and change the volume on the phone.  You will briefly learn about apps, what they are, how to download them and the costs associated. For seniors.
Book Trailer workshop May 23 Gordon White Library 10am - 12 noon Yes
Movies have trailers so why not a book?  At this workshop create your own book trailer for your favourite book and bring your book to life on screen!  Learn what a book trailer is, what you need to make one and how to adapt your chosen book into a book trailer screenplay. Find out about storyboarding; shot listing and where to find or create images.  Open to all ages.
Digital Photos class May 24 Dudley Denny City Library 10am - 11.30am Yes
This class introduces Google’s free photo software, Picasa 3.  Bring your camera (or phone if you use this for photos, and your USB cable to connect to a computer). Participants require basic computer skills to attend this class. Open to all ages.
Simultaneous Story Time May 24 Gordon White Library
Mirani Library
Sarina Library
Hey diddle diddle, you all know the riddle, a cow jumps over the moon... Today all across Australia people everywhere will be reading The Cow Tripped Over the Moon by Tony Wilson.  Join us for this annual event.  Open to children and their families.
Microsoft Office May 24 Sarina Library 2pm - 3.30pm Yes
Learn the basics of creating documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office.  Participants require basic computer skills to attend this class. Open to all ages.
Tabletop Games May 24 Dudley Denny City Library 4pm - 5.30pm No
What do you get when you mix Zombicide, Munchkins, Dead Fellas and Love Letters?  Well... heaps of fun, of course! Come along to our Tabletop Games session and check it out for yourself.  For ages 14 to 25 years.
Introduction to the Internet May 25 Gordon White Library 1pm - 3pm Yes
This workshop will walk you through the very basics of the internet: how it works and how to get online. At the end, you should be able to sign up for an internet service and access and search the internet on your home computer.  For seniors.
Between the Lines Book Club May 25 Gordon White Library 6pm - 8pm No
Ever wanted to join a book club?  Come along to Between the Lines Book Club and find out what it’s all about and what it takes to start your own book club.  New members always welcome.
Yarning with our Mob May 25 Dudley Denny City Library 3pm - 4pm Yes
Local Indigenous groups are invited to sit, yarn and share language at Yarning with our Mob.    Perfect for anyone who knows an Indigenous language and is interested in sharing.  This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a database of words using Miromaa Language Software to share with future generations and keep the language alive.
Apple Macintosh Intro May 26 Gordon White Library 10am - 11.30am Yes
Have you had a look at the Apple Macintosh operating system? This class will provide an overview of using an Apple computer.  Participants require basic computer skills to attend this class.  Open to all ages.
Author Talk May 26 Dudley Denny City Library 2.30pm - 4pm No
Want to know what it takes to get published?  Join us for a chat with our panel of authors.  Our authors cover a range of genres including Adult, Junior and Young Adult; and contain a wealth of knowledge they are eager to share.

Where bookings are required go to or ask our friendly staff.