Home Library Service

The Home Library Service ensures the information, recreation, cultural and educational needs of all library members are met by bringing the library service to the user.

Who can use this service?
People who:

  • have an illness or disability that prevents them from visiting a library in person.  These conditions may be temporary, recurring or permanent.
  • are able to visit a library, but due to mobility restrictions, are unable to transport library items home.
  • live in residential establishments such as nursing homes, hostels, hospitals.
  • are engaged in full-time care for people with a disability.

Home library service is available to residents who are unable to visit the library and do not have family or friends who can assist them with either transport or selection and collection of library material.

How do i join?

  • An initial interview with library staff to ascertain eligibility for the Home Library Service is recommended.
  • A Home Library Service Membership form must be completed and returned to the library.
  • An assessment by a library staff member will ensure the Home Library client receives their preferred reading material.

The home library service is provided by volunteers. If you require access to the home library service, or would like to become a home library volunteer, please contact us.

Download the form to join now: Home library service application form (PDF 57 KB)