Preparing for a disaster

Disaster Readiness Checklist

Find out how ready you are for a disaster by undertaking the resilience test.

Prepare your Emergency Kit

Advice on how to prepare an Emergency Kit and prepare your household for an evacuation.

Prepare your household and property

Learn how to prepare your home, your pantry, your children, your pets and your business for a disaster.  Also learn about alternates to sandbags and where sand can be obtained from.

Sandbags and the alternatives

Did you know that you may have suitable alternatives to sandbags in your home already? Council has Emergency Sand Stockpiles for the public to obtain to protect their property from flooding.

Emergency alerts/warnings

Learn about the ways Council may issue warnings to the public, Emergency Alert, SEWS and where to find weather warnings.

Emergency and Evacuation Plans and Zones

Learn about the Emergency Action Guide, view storm tide inundation maps and find out about Red Cross’s RediPlan