Resilience and recovery


Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie

Severe ex-tropical cyclone Debbie impacted the Mackay region in late March 2017, damaging home, beaches, and roads. Mackay Regional Council is working with Queensland Government, and community recovery services to help affected communities to recover. Community recovery is a long-term process of rebuilding, healing, and preparing for future disasters. Recovery works best when designed and guided by and with local people.

Community Development

A Community Development Officer – Recovery is helping to facilitate community recovery responses led by local people in affected communities. Contact Helen Styles 07 49 61 9671

Community Recovery Service

George Street Neighbourhood Centre Association is leading community recovery services to affected households in the Mackay local government area. The Community Recovery Service is free and available to anyone living in the Mackay region who is experiencing personal, social or emotional difficulties as a result of ex-tropical cyclone Debbie. Community Recovery Workers can assist by providing practical support, counselling, financial counselling, and access to information and resources. You do not need to visit George Street Neighbourhood Centre to access the services - Community Recovery Workers can travel to meet you.

Access the Community Recovery Service:
In person: 4 George Street, Mackay 4740
Phone: 07 4957 2626

Community Resilience

Resilience of individuals and communities involves their preparedness for, and capacity to adapt/recover from the impact of natural disasters/emergencies.  Simply put, community resilience is the ability to “bounce back” from an adverse experience.


Below are useful links to help and assist you with your recovery and resilience after a natural disaster:

Human and social

Financial and insurance