Keeping a horse

To keep a horse a minimum of 800m2 of unencumbered land (land free of buildings, gardens and dams) is required for each animal.

If your property is 2000m2 (half an acre) or less, you are required to apply for a permit to keep the horse. Please contact council’s Planning and Development department on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) for further information.

Please note: If your property is 4000m2 (one acre) or more and designated ‘rural’ under council’s planning scheme you do not need a permit to keep a horse.

When keeping horses you must ensure:

  • all feed is to be stored in a vermin proof manner
  • the keeping of a horse must not cause a noise, odour or fly nuisance
  • the keeper must take all reasonable measures to effectively isolate the grazing behaviour of the horse from nearby properties (measures may include the construction of a fence).

Non-standard permits apply when you are:

  • racing or trotting stables
  • breeding horses for sale
  • boarding horses for a fee or rewards.

Selling of horses

A person wishing to sell a horse must register the animal for sale or alternately keep a register of all horses sold or otherwise disposed.

Register must include:

  • name and address of the new owner
  • full description of each horse sold or otherwise disposed
  • date of sale or disposal of each horse.

Please contact council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) or for further details.