Domestic water carriers

The Food Act 2006 ensures that water supplied by water tankers for domestic consumption or use is of high quality. It also ensures that the quality of water supplied and the quality of the water supply from which water is taken is protected from contamination.


A person cannot operate the business of domestic water distribution unless the person holds a Food Business Licence and the water tanker/s are approved by council.

To operate a domestic water carrier business, applicants must complete an application and pay the relevant fee.

The following information will be required to obtain a licence:

  • Contact details (name, address & telephone number of proprietor, trading name of business)
  • Vehicle information (address where the tanker is kept and the registration number)
  • Details of tank construction (material of inner and outer surface, manufacturer name and type of any synthetic liner used in the tank and tank capacity)
  • Source and location of water supply
  • Details of the delivery pump provided

For more information about domestic water carriers, contact council.