How to comply

It is the responsibility of the business owner and staff to ensure compliance with all requirements of the relevant legislation.

More information is available on how council interacts with businesses below:


The tools and resources developed by council allow you and your staff to know what is required to ensure your business is operating lawfully. When used effectively, these tools will assist your business to minimise the impact on the environment and avoid enforcement action.

Inspection process

Legislation requires council to monitor the standard of operations in Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERA) and this is achieved through a routine inspection program. The expected frequency of these inspections will depend on the type of ERA being operated and its level of compliance.

Refer to the relevant self assessment checklist to be aware of some of the issues council will be assessing when visiting your business.


Under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, if you are the holder of a registration certificate you must comply with the conditions of the development approval for the site.

You are responsible for ensuring that all employees comply with the approval conditions.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in one or more of the following enforcement actions:

  • Issuing of a letter requiring action or works to be conducted.
  • Issuing of a Legal Notice requiring action to be taken or works to be conducted.
  • Issuing of a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN or on-the-spot fine).
  • Issuing of a Notice requiring an operator to conduct or commission an Environmental Evaluation.
  • Issuing of a Notice requiring an operator to prepare and submit an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
  • Issuing of an Environmental Protection Order (EPO).
  • Adding, changing or cancelling a development condition.
  • Suspension of a Registration Certificate.
  • Cancellation of a Registration Certificate.
  • Prosecution.

Complaint management

Council has a duty to investigate and respond to complaints received.

A complaint may result in an inspection of your premises to ensure you are complying with the legislation.


You will be sent a notice prior to the expiration/anniversary of your current registration that will require your immediate attention.

If you need a copy of, or wish to amend details on your current registration, contact council.