Who needs an Environmental Authority?

The applicant for an Environmental Authority must be a legal entity (e.g. person(s) or company). Note - a business name or shop name is not a legal entity and cannot be the authority holder.

Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) are defined and categorised under schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 , dependent upon their potential risk to the environment.

A business that conducts any of the following activities requires an Environmental Authority from council.

Contact council if unsure if your business requires a development approval and Environmental Authority.

Part 2 - Chemical, coal and petroleum products activities

ERA 6: Asphalt manufacturing - Manufacturing 1000 tonnes or more of asphalt in a yea

ERA 12: Plastic product manufacturing

  1. manufacturing in a year a total of 50 tonnes or more of plastic products
  2. manufacturing in a year a total of 5 tonnes or more of foam, composite plastics or rigid fibre-reinforced plastics

Part 5 - Fabricated metal product activities

ERA 19: Metal forming - Forming a total of 10,000 tonnes or more of metal in a year using hot processes

ERA 20: Metal recovery

  1. recovering less than 100 tonnes of metal in a day
  2. (a) recovering 100 tonnes or more of metal in a day, or 10,000 tonnes or more of metal in a year without using a fragmentiser

Part 8 - Miscellaneous activities

ERA 38: Surface coating -anodising, electroplating, enamelling or galvanising by using 1 to 100 tonnes of surface coating materials in a year

Part 11 - Transport and maritime services

ERA 49: Boat maintenance or repair

Part 12 - Waste management

ERA 61: Waste incineration and thermal treatment of vegetation, clean paper or cardboard

A full list of ERAs can be found in Schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.