Operator’s Environmental Guides – Pollution Solutions have been developed to assist operators to achieve their general environmental duty. That is, to achieve compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and progress towards best practice environmental management.

'General environmental duty - a person must not carry out an activity that causes, or is likely to cause, environmental harm unless the person takes all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise the harm'. This clause applies to all persons in Queensland.

Operator’s Environmental Guides were developed jointly by the Brisbane City Council and representatives of industry.

Check out the Operator’s Environmental Guides below:

Other guidelines

This Site based management plans guideline is designed to explain the benefits of, and assist applicants to determine the necessary content of, a site based management plan that accompanies an application for a development approval to conduct an environmentally relevant activity.

The Washdown bays and waste waters guideline details environmental requirements for washdown bays and waste waters.

Washdown bays are required if businesses perform such duties as, washdown of vehicles, machinery, engines, engine parts or other equipment that will result in detergents, silt, grease and/or oil contaminating the washdown waste water.

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