Operator self assessment checklist

Checklists have been designed to assist in complying with the conditions of your approval.

You should be aware that these documents are only a guideline for compliance with your conditions and your general obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1994. It does not limit your legal responsibilities and obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 or any other relevant legislation.

Abrasive Blasting (PDF 88.7 KB)

Animal Housing (PDF 93.8 KB)

Asphalt Manufacture (PDF 89.1 KB)

Concrete Batching (PDF 85.4 KB)

Crematoriums (PDF 85.7 KB)

Metal Recovery (PDF 87.0 KB)

Metal Surface Coating (PDF 88.8 KB)

Motor Vehicle Workshop (PDF 100.1 KB)

Pet Food Operator (PDF 83.8 KB)

Plastic Manufacturing (PDF 86.0 KB)

Poultry Farming (PDF 90.9 KB)

Printing (PDF 81.6 KB)

Screening (PDF 81.1 KB)