Swimming pools - public use

Council's local laws ensure that swimming pools made available for public use are properly managed and supervised and comply with standards of public health and safety. 

A public use swimming pool means a swimming pool made available for use to:

  • Members of the public or a section of the public on payment of an entrance fee or other charge
  • Participants in organised swimming or diving competitions or in training for organised swimming or diving competitions
  • Persons who have a commercial relationship with the owner of the pool
  • People who are guests at a hotel, motel, resort or the like where the swimming pool is a facility for the use of guests at the establishment

Public swimming pools are required to operate under an approval issued by council and comply with minimum standards as set out in the local law referred to above.

In the event that a swimming pool permit is to be transferred, the relevant sections of the form mentioned above are to be completed and submitted to council with the relevant fee.

If you would like further information concerning the licensing and regulation of public use swimming pools, contact council.