Temporary homes

Under Mackay Regional Council Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011,  

“The establishment or occupation of a temporary home means the erection, construction, installation, positioning or placement of a structure used or intended for temporary use as a place of residence but does not include –

(a) A structure for erection which is constituted as development under the Planning Act; or
(b) The establishment or the occupation of a temporary home on or in a camping ground or caravan park”

Council’s local laws ensure that temporary homes that are being used as a place of residence, even for a short period of time, are of a standard that ensures the health and safety for the occupier of the temporary home and neighbouring public.

A temporary home is not to be occupied as a place of residence permanently or for an indefinite period.


Complete the application below in the event that a person wishes to reside in a temporary home for a specified period of time.

Temporary Home Permit Application form (PDF 72 KB)

Approval for Temporary Home Permit will only be granted if the applicant proposes, within the period for which the approval is granted;

*    To erect, or convert an existing structure into a permanent residence; or
*    To carry out building work on a permanent residence that will make the residence temporarily unfit for occupation as a place of residence.

A Temporary Homes Permit will not be approved for periods longer than 18 months.