Field of Dreams Parkland Master Plan

The Field of Dreams Parkland’s master plan incorporates a number of upgrades to landscaping as well as improvements to car parking in the area in order to revitalise the precinct and encourage visitors to travel from one destination to the other within the parkland.


Landscape Master Plan 1
(PDF 1.52MB)


Landscape Master Plan 2
(PDF 1.12MB)

Scope of the master plan includes:

  • New footpaths which will link the new and existing buildings as well as the new playground and current footpaths in place;
  • New car park to south of the parkland;
  • A New Field of Dreams Outdoor Wedding Garden;
  • An upgrade to existing car parks and access road to the northwest of the parkland;
  • New bus and/or vehicle turnaround area.

It will take some time for the plan to be completed however works have already occurred including the new playground which was installed last financial year (2011/12). In addition to this, a state-of-the-art shade shelter is soon to be constructed over the playground to further improve the area and provide suitable shelter for families.

Council is looking forward to the parkland becoming, vibrant, prosperous and sustainable for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

However, if you have any further comments and/or questions on the master plan, please contact council’s Park Manager by phoning 1300 MACKAY (622 529).