Eton’s water supply

Mackay Regional Council has informed the Eton community with regard to water quality issues of Selenium and Uranium in in the Eton Bores.

Bore No. 1 has elevated levels of Selenium while Bore No. 2 which has ceased to be used has elevated levels of Uranium.

The purpose of this page is to be a centre point for the Eton community to find information/ correspondence on the water quality issues, including the regular updating of test results for Selenium and Uranium.

There have been sessions held at Eton Primary School on Tuesday, November 8 and Wednesday November 9, 2016, with an additional session to be held at 6pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th November 2016.

The following information and fact sheets have been developed by Mackay Regional Council in conjunction with Queensland Health to provide the community of Eton with further information about their water supply.