The H2O Education Program is a fun, free and interactive program that teaches students the importance of water.

Classroom Visits

A H2O Specialist is available to come to your school and provide a fun and interactive session in your classroom – all for FREE!  The session provides students with all they need to know about our H2O including our local water story, the water cycle and the journey water takes to reach our taps.  It also provides students with valuable information on water conservation practices around the home and at school.  It is the perfect way to start, extend or culminate a classroom unit and is available for both primary and high school students.

Water Savers School Auditing Program

The Water Savers School Auditing Program is designed to help your school identify the areas where water is being wasted by performing a water audit.  The audit is a great way to get your entire school community involved in water monitoring and saving.  The program also encourages schools to commit to reducing water consumption through the development of a water savers plan.  The program is available for both primary and high school students.

H2O Facility Tours (available to upper high school students only)

If you want to learn more about our drinking water and how it's treated, then book a tour at the Nebo Road Water Treatment Plant.  At the plant students will be able to view the treatment process and will learn how water is cleaned and treated to a high quality for human consumption.

Note: Maximum booking number is 15 students per tour group and students must be in Year 10 / 15 years or older.


Send an email to one of our H2O Specialists if you would like to book the H2O Education Program or a facility tour.  For more information on H2O Education contact council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

H2O Resources

Visit the H2O Resources library for Fact Sheets and colouring and activity sheets that can be downloaded and used in the classroom!