Tips for saving our H2O


> Simple ways to watch the flow of your H2O

You can make a huge difference in your water consumption by making some small adjustments to the way you use water around the home, especially outside in the garden.  Follow these simple water saving tips to reduce your water consumption and help make a difference.

Water saving tips

Tip #1 Know when to water

The science of watering your lawn is simple.  Stick to your designated watering days and never water between 10am and 4pm! View the full list of Water Restrictions.

Tip #2 Wash the car wisely

Wash your car on the grass using a trigger or twist nozzle and a bucket.  Your lawn will be greener and you'll use less water.

Tip #3 Mulch your plants 

Spreading a layer of mulch around plants retains moisture, saving water, time and money!

Tip #4 Don't water the concrete

Check your sprinklers to ensure only your plants and lawn are being watered, not the house, footpath or street, and remember to never hose down concrete, use a broom instead.

Tip #5 Beware of water guzzlers

Different plants require different amounts of water.  Choose native plants over exotic plants to reduce your flow in the garden.  View the Department of Natural Resources and Mines Plant Guide for more information. 

Tip #6 Measure the flow

Different tap fittings have different flow rates. It's important to know the flow rate of your fittings to ensure water isn't wasted. To test the flow rate, turn the tap on full, place a container under the tap for five seconds and then turn the tap off. Measure the amount of water collected (in litres) and multiply by 12 to give you a litre per minute flow rate.

Eg. 0.3 litres x 12 = 3.6 litres per minute

Taps are given a star rating depending on how efficient they are.  Check the star rating for the taps you tested below. A minimum 3 star rating is recommended.

0 Star – More than 16 litres/minute
1 Star – 12 to 16 litres/minute
2 Star – 9 to 12 litres/minute
3 Star – 7.5 to 9 litres/minute
4 Star – 6 to 7.5 litres/minute
5 Star – 4.5 to 6 litres/minute
6 Star – Not more than 4.5 litres/minute 

Tip #7 Check for leaks

Regularly check your taps, hoses and pipes for leaks.  A leak that goes undetected will not only waste our H2O, but your money as well! 

To find out how much water you use around the home visit

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How can I check for leaks?

It is important that you regularly check your property for leaks.  Leaks can either be visible or concealed.  A concealed leak is one that occurs underneath or within concrete or paving or underneath a structure where the leak is not readily evident. 

A concealed leak can cost you a lot of money over a billing period.

Download the Water Leaks Fact Sheet to find out how you can check for leaks within your property.