Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2022 - 2027

Council has adopted a new Corporate Plan that provides an exciting blueprint for the region over the next five years.

The Mayor and Councillors’ Corporate Plan 2022-2027 is a major overhaul of the previous plan and developed through consultation with senior leadership, staff, and the community.

The plan includes key projects already underway, such as the Mackay Waterfront, Pioneer Valley Mountain Bike Trails and Northern Beaches Community Hub.

The plan outlines key strategic issues or projects that council will advocate for on behalf of the community.

The new Corporate Plan has three outward facing pillars, including:

  • Invest and work
  • Live and visit
  • Community and environment.

It also has two inward facing pillars, including:

  • Financial strength
  • Operational excellence

Council’s new purpose is to: “Create opportunity to thrive” and the vision is: “To become the best region for liveability and livelihood”.

Corporate Plan