Advertising signage education campaign rolled out

Published: 11 Dec 2019

Council adopted amendments to Subordinate Local Law No. 1.4 (Installation of Advertising Devices) 2011 at today’s council meeting.

Minor changes were made to the criteria in place for approving permits for a range of advertising devices.

The changes will also allow council’s Local Laws officers to take compliance action for signage that does not meet the requirements of the local law.

Community and Client Services director Bridget Mather said council officers would be carrying out inspections for illegal advertising over the next couple of months.

“Illegal advertising devices include anything from signs affixed to trees or power poles, signage on vehicles parked on the side of a road and A-frames located in unregulated areas such as roundabouts, road verges etc,” she said.

“We recommend businesses double check with council if they are unsure if their advertising devices are compliant.

“For the most part, the inspections will be an education process to ensure business operators are aware of the local law that governs advertising devices.

“If a business fails to comply after the initial consultation with council’s Local Laws officers, a compliance notice will be issued, and council may remove the device.”

Any signs attached to council land, including pathway fences, trees, park areas and council infrastructure, can be removed without notice.

Businesses are encouraged to seek approval through council before displaying their promotions outside regulated advertising devices.