Council finalises wave pool EOI process

Published: 10 Jul 2019

Council has made a financially responsible decision to not seek tenders from commercial operators for a wave pool at this stage.

Council today formally considered expressions of interest for a wave pool in the region.

Noting the level of financial assistance that would be required, council decided to not proceed to shortlist or request tenders from the expressions of interest.

Council will, however, contact each of the submitters and offer to remain in contact with a view to providing as much assistance as possible for commercial operators to establish in Mackay.

Mayor Greg Williamson said calling for expressions of interest had been a valuable process in terms of obtaining a better understanding of construction and operational costs of wave pools.

He said the intent was to gauge from private entities the ability for them to establish and operate a wave pool facility in Mackay with minimal involvement from council.

“From the submissions we received, it was clear that significant council investment would be needed for such a project to be viable in Mackay at this time.

“We’ve decided to finalise the EOI process.”

Council considered three expressions of interest in a report at today’s ordinary meeting. The report was confidential due to the commercial in confidence nature of the submissions.

Cr Ross Gee, a proponent of the wave pool idea, thanked council staff and fellow councillors for undertaking the EOI process.

He said although the numbers didn’t work financially for Mackay at this stage, he was hopeful a wave pool project could be undertaken in the region in the future.

“By remaining in contact with the submitters, we’re not closing the door on the wave pool idea.

“It could be reconsidered in the future if capital costings and potential visitation and patronage were shown to be financially viable.”