Council welcomes Academic Bursary students

Published: 14 Aug 2019

CQUniversity Mackay student Taitianna McGrath understands the importance of giving back to her community.

She is involved in volunteering initiatives stemming from the exposure she’s had to the struggles of living in a developing nation – her mother’s home, the Solomon Islands.

Now it is council’s turn to give to the Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business Student.

She is one of five recipients of a 2019 Academic Bursary. The students, all from CQUniversity Mackay, were officially recognised at a morning tea today.

This is the seventh year of council’s Academic Bursary program.

The $5000 bursaries assist students, with each receiving biannual instalments of $1250 for their final two years of study.

There is also the opportunity for 12 weeks of paid work experience with council.

Mayor Greg Williamson said all the bursary students were worthy recipients, with each achieving highly at university and in general.

“Another benefit of this program is we hope it will entice students to remain in our region when they join the workforce after graduating, which is important in helping ease the emerging skills shortage,’’ he said

2019 Mackay Regional Council Academic Bursary Recipients

Taitianna McGrath

> Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business, majoring in Management

Committed to achieving academic excellence, Taitianna graduated from Holy Spirit College with OP 3 in 2016.  She has continued a high level of academic performance across her university studies.  Taitianna is always seeking new opportunities to enrich her professional development and capabilities.  She has strong values and understands the importance of giving back to the community, which is demonstrated through the various volunteering initiatives she is involved with stemming from the exposure she has had to the struggles associated with living in a developing nation – her mother's home, the Solomon Islands.  Taitianna was a mentee in the 2018 CQU Engage Mentor Program and was partnered with Dr Nicole Davis, council’s chief operating officer for water and waste, as her mentor.

Hunter Aitchison

> Bachelor of Business, majoring in Management, Human Resource Management.

Hunter completed a STEPS course to enter university after one-and-a-half years of full-time work at his family's business.  He is a dedicated, hard-working and resilient student who strives for high academic achievements. Hunter is people orientated and values relationships. He has great communication and public speaking skills. He also believes that community participation and engagement is important.  Hunter is looking forward to a career where he can contribute to the Mackay community and economy.

Brandyn Britton

> Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Application Development

Brandyn’s aspirations and goals are to become a software engineer, specialising in creating information systems for companies looking to expand and improve their current systems. He would like the opportunity to work for a large company and offer his skills and services where required.

Brodie French

> Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

Brodie’s strengths include exceptional leadership skills, motivated and enthusiastic work ethic, excellent organisation and planning, great communication, effective time management and the ability to work independently and within a dynamic team. He believes it is a culmination of these skills that allows him to be an asset to the Mackay region  His main goal and the reason he pursued a career in engineering is to create a more sustainable future for the region, not only to make a cleaner and safer environment for future generations but to provide economic growth to help Mackay meet the needs of its growing community.

Jackson Lamb

>  Bachelor of Digital Media, majoring in Interactive Media/Video and Animation

Mackay-born Jackson has grown up in the region and believes he is able to capture the hidden beauty of the region. With his degree he will be able to show it off for all to see. He will be able to use his degree to create short films or advertisements for television or the web to show off everything Mackay has to offer.