Cyclone Debbie anniversary

Published: 27 Mar 2019

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 28) will mark two years since Cyclone Debbie wreaked havoc on our region.

Severe Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Debbie made landfall on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, causing widespread damage and flooding.

Mayor Greg Williamson said many residents were still recovering.

“Debbie was slow-moving and destructive, causing property damage, erosion, landslips, flooding and loss of livestock and crops,” he said.

“In addition to physical damage, Debbie also caused mental and emotional trauma.

“Rebuilding a home or road, such as at Sarina Range, can take months, if not years to complete, and this does put enormous strain on people.”

Cr Williamson said the floods associated with Cyclone Debbie were some of the most devastating on record.

“In some communities, residents have reported Tropical Cyclone Debbie as being the worst flooding experienced in residents’ living memory.”

To gain a better understanding of the impact the flooding associated with Cyclone Debbie caused, council will be conducting public feedback sessions at Sarina Range, Koumala and Eton.

The feedback will be used to develop flood studies to assess the risk of flooding and actions to improve planning, emergency management and disaster preparedness in the catchments.

The sessions will be held in May and residents will be asked to complete a survey and detail how Cyclone Debbie flooding affected their property. There will also be an online version of the survey. More details will be released in relation to dates, times and locations, closer to the time.

Council was successful in receiving funding assistance to undertake the flood studies through the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the 2017-2018 Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP).