Draft master plan sets overall vision for Mackay Waterfront

Published: 16 Sep 2019

Another important piece of the picturesque Mackay Waterfront puzzle is in place with the release of a draft master plan.

Currently open for public comment, the draft master plan sets out the overall vision for the Mackay Waterfront Priority Development Area (PDA) and its five precincts.

Those precincts are City Centre, Riverside, Enterprise, Queens Park and Beachside.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the master plan incorporated many community ideas from previous extensive community consultation.

“It details the public realm vision and concepts for the Mackay Waterfront over the next 20 years,’’ he said.

“The master plan is not a design document but provides that higher level vision to inform more detailed designs of individual projects within the five precincts.

“Importantly, it is a live, evolving document that will be responsive to any opportunities or constraints that emerge.”

Cr Williamson said the master plan outlined what council was trying to achieve across the Mackay Waterfront PDA.

He said it also detailed the vision for each precinct, including their unique characteristics, and what council hoped to achieve in each for the community.

“For example, in the Riverside precinct it looks at different key locations, including Bluewater Quay, Leichardt Wharves and the area we’re calling Fisher’s Tale near the River Street boat ramp.”

Cr Williamson said the master plan would also be an important marketing tool.

“We can effectively go out and sell the Mackay Waterfront and say this is where we’re going,’’ he said.

“This is what the public realm will look like and this is what the opportunities look like.

“We need to attract large investors to come onboard, as well as government funding, to help with those large catalytic projects.

“We also have some local investors excited by opportunities the Mackay Waterfront PDA presents.”

Construction work on the PDA is already under way, with a redevelopment of Queens Park, funded by the State Government.

Council is currently considering other opportunities, but the immediate priority is Riverside.

“We will be working on designs to improve Bluewater Quay and improve the connection from that area to the Fisher’s Tale area near the boat ramp, both in the short and long-term,’’ the Mayor said.

Council was already actively seeking government funding for a small section in Riverside precinct, he said.

“That project would almost be a demonstration of what this whole area would look like.

“It would allow us to access the river and include walkways and extra lighting in a section of about 500 metres. It would show how we can open that area up and display its potential.”

The draft master plan can be viewed via connectingmackay.com.au and is open for comment until November 4, 2019.

The page includes a short survey for residents. Anyone interested is also able to register for future project updates.