Hypnotic installation is the perfect escape

Published: 31 Jul 2019

Artspace Mackay is hosting an installation that is mesmerizing, hypnotic, rhythmic and compelling.

A two-metre electromagnetic pendulum and projected animation now takes pride of place in Gallery Three until October 13.

A creation of Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist Kit Webster, this experience-based art installation is titled Phaseshift.

Due to a variety of factors, the animated projection regularly shifts in and out of phase with the pendulum's swinging motion, at times synchronising with the movement and at other times becoming asynchronous.

The work also includes a rhythmic musical score which is composed in time with the pendulum.

Cr Fran Mann said the interaction between the music, the dark gallery space and the physical and digital movement of the artwork forms an effect that is quite hypnotic.

“I’d encourage anyone who is in the City Centre or Civic Precinct with some time to spare to stop in and check it out,” Cr Mann said.

“The effect is actually very therapeutic and meditative – you can just relax and contemplate the artwork very easily.  It’s the perfect escape if you’ve had a hectic morning at work and need to refresh on your lunch break.”

Kit Webster has created works not only for exhibitions, but for renowned events like Curiocity Festival, Melbourne Music Week, Dark Mofo and Vivid Sydney.

He also has a host of international projects to his name at events like Neversea Festival, New York Fashion Week and Summerwell in Romania and lots, lots more!

About the artist

Kit Webster's work transverses sculpture, installation and new technology, creating works for festivals, exhibitions, performance, architectural and commercial projects.

At the forefront of digital and spatial experimentation, Kit has become known for his hybrid sculptural forms and immersive environments enhanced by the vivid play of audiovisual multidimensional space.

His works frequently feature animations generated through 3D projection-mapping techniques, laser and LED illuminations synchronised with musical composition, shaping a fusion of light and sound through rhythm, colour and geometry.