Mackay uses 1700 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water

Published: 15 May 2019

Mackay residents have been guzzling their H2O.

The latest round of water notices shows an increase in consumption of more than 106,000 KL, from 4,169,086 KL to 4,275, 944 KL compared to the same billing period last year.

This billing period, from September to February, was particularly dry in the first half, prompting high water usage, but the region was fortunate to receive heavy rainfall since January.

Cr Martin Bella said the biggest consumers of water in our region continued to be watering the lawn and garden, in the bathroom and water leaks.

“Residents can help to reduce the amount of water they’re using at home by following a few simple tips,” Cr Bella said.

In the garden, use a tap timer when watering the lawn – 30 to 40 minutes is plenty of time. Give your gardens a good soaking once a week only. This will train your plants’ roots to dive deeper and they will seek out moisture deeper in the ground in drier times.

In the bathroom, install a three-star water efficient shower head and try to reduce your showers to about four minutes.

By ensuring any leaking taps are fixed quickly, you will not only save water, but money as well.

“Council will be releasing three water saving social media videos this month, covering how to water your lawn and garden efficiently, how to fix a leaking tap and how to save water in your bathroom. Stay tuned,” Cr Bella said.

Even though recent rainfall had been great for the region, residents shouldn’t become complacent, he said.

“This increase in consumption equates to about 42 Olympic-sized swimming pools more than last year.

“This is a considerable amount of water despite the rainfall we have had. We should all be looking for ways to save water as another dry season is just around the corner.”

Cr Bella said the best way residents could track their water usage was to sign up to council’s free myh2o website.

“The myh2o website shows you how much water you’re using each day, how much it’s costing you and how you can put plans in place to save,” he said.

“You can also set water consumption targets and if you go over you are sent a message via email or SMS.”

In the last 12 months, more than 15,600 water leak notifications were sent to customers via email, letter and SMS.

“By signing up to the myh2o website you are alerted to water leaks at your property straight away,” Cr Bella said.

“You can avoid expensive water bills by monitoring your usage on the myh2o website,” he said.

More than 14,000 residents have signed up to council’s award-winning website.

You can sign up at, over the phone on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) or in person at any one of council’s Client Service Centres.

All water notices are due on June 12.