Mackay’s waste to be turned into agricultural compost

Published: 11 Sep 2019

Local farmers will soon be able to try a home-grown nutrient rich compost for their crops.

At today’s council meeting (Wednesday, September 11) AJK Contracting Pty Ltd was awarded council’s Biosolids and Green Waste Management Contract worth more than $950,000.

AJK Contracting will process the biosolids generated from council’s wastewater treatment plants and their green waste to make compost for local agricultural use.

Cr Martin Bella said it was great that our waste was being turned into a much-needed product for local farmers.

“We produce about 5000 tonnes of green waste and 8000 tonnes of biosolids each year,” Cr Bella said

“Before this contract was approved, our green waste and biosolids were processed separately and our biosolids weren’t being reused in our local area,” he said.

“Now AJK Contracting will mix together our biosolids and green waste, to create a very high nutrient rich compost for local farmers to use.”

Cr Bella said council also achieved significant savings with its new biosolids and green waste contract.

“Council will save over $600,000 in the first 12 months of the biosolids and green waste contract by using the same contractor,” he said.

“A performance Management System was also included in the agreement and if the contractor fails to meet the agreed key performance indicators, then the payment fee can be adjusted.”

AJK Contracting Pty Ltd will commence the biosolids contract on November 1 and the green waste contract on March 1, 2020.