Revealed: Top 25 breeds of pooches in our region

Published: 20 Mar 2019

Mackay staffy owners are sure to prick their ears at this news - your pooches are the most popular dog breed in the region.

A quick scan of Mackay Regional Council's dog registration records shows Staffordshire bull terriers top the list, with 765 registered.

Staffordshire bull terrier crosses are next, with 561, just ahead of labradors (475).

Border collies and Australian cattle dogs round out the top five.

Cr Karen May said there were 13,037 dogs registered in Mackay.

"It is interesting to look at the numbers of the various breeds,'' Cr May said.

"Most dog owners tend to think their dogs are the best dogs,'' she said.

"Our registration records show which are the most popular.

"However, that doesn't mean that dogs further down the list are any less loved or popular with their owners."

Cr May said the message from the council was for residents to love their dogs like one of the family and take responsibility for them.

"Even though we have 13,000 dogs registered, there would be many more that aren't registered," she said.

"We'd encourage those people to register their dogs. That helps ensure they're reunited with their owners quickly if they go roaming.”

Remember - your pet, your responsibility.

Mackay's top 25 dog breeds

1 . Staffy bull terrier (765)

2. Staffy X (561)

3. Labrador (474)

4. Border collie (466)

5. Australian cattle dog (459)

6. Shih tzu X maltese (401)

7. Maltese X (373)

8. German shepherd (300)

9. Jack russell terrier (293)

10. Bull Arab X (262)

11. Kelpie X (252)

12. Cattle dog X (206)

13. Fox terrier (195)

14. Kelpie (180)

14. Chihuahua (180)

15. Maltese X silky (177)

16. Labrador X (170)

17. American staffy (168)

18. Jack russell X (164)

19. Fox terrier X (163)

20. Mastiff X (155)

21. Border collie X (141)

22. Maltese X poodle (128)

23. Dachshund miniature (122)

24. Boxer (119)

25. Cavalier King Charles (116)