Snap and check your recyclables

Published: 12 Nov 2019

Unsure if you can recycle it?

Well now, you can snap and check it.

Council has developed a Recycle Right – Snap and Check webpage.

Simply take a photo of the item you’re unsure about and upload it to council’s Connecting Mackay website (Connecting Mackay), along with your question.

One of council’s Waste Officers will answer it.

Cr Karen May said this is a great initiative and would help improve our recycling rate.

“Our last waste stream assessment in June showed there was 9.6 per cent of contamination in our yellow-lidded recycling bins,” she said

“The top contaminants found was non-recyclable plastics, appliances, food, clothing and wooden furniture

“By uploading a photo of the item you’re unsure about, residents will get the right advice from our waste officers.”

Cr May said new products and packaging entered the market place each year and the Recycle Right- Snap and Check webpage would help keep on top of these products.

“It is hard to educate the community on what you can and can’t recycle when new items are coming into the market all the time, she said.

“The Recycle Right Snap and Check webpage is quick and easy to use, and everyone’s questions and answers will stay on the page to help educate the wider community.”

The Recycle Right – Snap and Check webpage is now live on Connecting Mackay.

Council is launching the Recycle Right – Snap and Check webpage this week during National Recycling Week (November 11 to 17) to help bust recycling myths.