Swim safely these school holidays

Published: 10 Dec 2019

Christmas school holidays kick off this weekend and the beach is the perfect place to keep cool with the family.

There are five patrolled beaches in the region where residents can make a splash this summer including Bucasia Beach, Eimeo Beach, Lamberts Beach, Mackay Harbour Beach and Sarina Beach.

Councillor Ross Gee said the region’s beaches were the ultimate destination for summer fun, but precautions needed to be taken when swimming in the tropics.

“Stinger suits are the seatbelts of the surf and are the best protection against jellyfish stings,” he said.

“They should be worn at all times when swimming in tropical waters.

“Prevention is always preferred when it comes to jellyfish stings, but we also encourage everyone to carry a bottle of vinegar in their car when heading to the beach.

“Vinegar is essential in the treatment of jellyfish stings and it is important to have it on hand if a sting occurs.

“Of course, it is also vital that beach-goers swim between the red and yellow flags at patrolled beaches and apply sunscreen regularly.”

If someone is stung by a jellyfish remember to:

  • Call 000 and prepare for CPR
  • Douse the area with vinegar for 30 seconds
  • Do not rub the sting

For more information, visit www.mackay.qld.gov.au/beaches.