Walking city blocks a step in the right direction

Published: 18 Apr 2019

Council is encouraging residents to step up, step out and use foot-power on their lunch breaks or while running errands around the City Centre.

This latest stage of the 10,000 Steps campaign has seen council oversee the installation of 46 new 10,000 Steps directional signs within 19 locations.

Signs, which were co-funded by council and CQUniversity, have been installed around the City Centre, Bluewater Trail and Cross City Link.

Cr Ross Gee said while the 10,000 steps target was considered to be the recommended daily step goal for healthy, active adults, every increase in daily steps had health benefits.

“Many of us are living increasingly sedentary lives behind desks and computers, so any extra steps we can take are steps in the right direction,” Cr Gee said.

“Our City Centre blocks are about 130 steps by 250 steps, with road crossings offering about another 30 steps,” he said.

“Something as simple as going for a walk to get your lunch or parking in a long-term car park and then running your errands on foot can mean considerable changes to your daily step count.

“For example, Wood Street is about 1120 steps long, Alfred Street is about 1600 steps and Bluewater Quay to the CQUniversity City Campus is about 1000 steps.

“Studies using the 10,000 steps per day goal have shown weight loss, improved glucose tolerance and reduced blood pressure.”

The following is a guideline on steps and activity levels:

  • Sedentary is less than 5000 steps per day
  • Low active is 5000 to 7499 steps per day
  • Somewhat active is 7500 to 9999 steps per day
  • Active is more than 10,000 steps per day
  • Highly active is more than 12,500

While extra steps can be added by incidental activity like taking stairs instead of escalators and walking while at work, our region is also blessed with plenty of popular scenic walks.

Council has used Strava heatmapping technology to identify five popular local walks:

  • Breakwater, Mackay Harbour
  • The Gooseponds
  • Bluewater Trail (including the Botanic Gardens)
  • Seaview Trail, Bucasia Esplanade
  • Sarina Beach including Captain Blackwood Drive

About 10,000 Steps

Run by the team at CQUniversity Australia since 2001, this free program is aimed at helping you challenge yourself, friends and workmates to move more every day.

The goal of 10,000 steps is the recommended daily step target for healthy adults. This goal encourages the accumulation of incidental activity throughout the whole day. The use of an activity tracker (a pedometer, phone app, smart watch) to record steps is a vital part of the program.